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September 11, 2016
By Mrs. Raffetto

Hello 7th grade! I am consolidating my classes into one blog. Please click on the "Mrs. Raffetto's Classes" blog link beginning this week for all the information you need.

I will copy/paste the information here for this week while we transition. Please email me if you have any questions!




7th grade -

Seventh grade is deep into the height of the Roman Empire and has spent time getting to know a few of the more famous/notorious emperors. This week we will examine the split that occurs within the empire leading to an eastern and western half and the decline of each. 7th grade will also get their iPads this week and I will be spending time helping them to set up and log into the proper apps. Please help me by reminding your student to check their email nightly, to share with you the assignments in their My Homework app, and that the iPad is to be used for school purposes only - it is not their personal device. Use of the iPad is a privilege that can be revoked for misuse.


Looking ahead ...

Tuesday, 9/13 - formal uniform needed for school-wide photo

Wednesday, 9/14 - formal uniform needed for school mass

Friday, 9/16 - PE uniform needed for Triduum Day at St. Francis School (DRIVERS NEEDED! PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STUDENT'S HOMEROOM TEACHER); arrive to Holy Cross at 7 am, leave St. Francis at 12:30 PM

Tuesday, 9/20 - formal uniform needed for picture day

Friday, 9/23 - formal uniform needed for school mass; middle school dance at Good Shepard 7 PM

Week 3 - Rome Continues

September 04, 2016
By Mrs. Raffetto

We had a great week in 7th grade looking at many of the emperors who ruled Rome and several were *ahem* very interesting. We even broke into partners to look at a few of these mighty rulers a little closer. Parents, I would love for you to ask your student which emperor they remember the most. I'm sure many will have a favorite - either the one who wanted to make his horse a senator or the one who tried to kill his mother ... several times. Oh those Romans!

Next week, we will continue to look as the expansion of the Roman Empire and how that growth ultimately contributed to its demise. Students can expect a test on Rome the week after next. I try to give at least a week's notice on tests and will also post it to the test calendar, which students will have access to as soon as they get their iPads (which should be this week).

In our literature to film class, we will start reading the novel, White Fang. We will look at a few other reading strategies to employ as we read this novel. It will take us some time to get through this book but it should be a good first read. Gotta love the classics!

If you are not yet receiving my Remind emails, please make sure you accept my invitation. I had quite a few homework zeros that I gave out this past week and that does not make me happy. Please help me out by reading the Remind emails and asking to see your child's homework. Four consecutiave dyas of complete homework adds a beautiful 100 to the gradebook!


Looking ahead ...

Monday, 9/5 - Labor Day, NO SCHOOL

Friday, 9/9 - Cookies for Courage, MINI DAY & FORMAL UNIFORMS

Friday, 9/16 - Triduum Fun Day, DRIVERS NEEDED

Tuesday, 9/20 - Picture day, FORMAL UNIFORMS

Week 2 - The Rise and Fall of Rome

August 28, 2016
By Mrs. Raffetto

It was a great first week with the 7th grade and we are off to a great start! We spent some time last week understanding that reading startegies are something effective readers do and that there are a variety of strategies that students can use to aid in their comprehension. One strategy we discussed and practiced was the predicting strategy. Predicitng starts the minute a book is picked up but it doesn't end there. Predicitng continues throughout reading as students refine, revise, or verify their predictions. We also took a sneak peak at the last days of the Roman Republic and the assasination of Julius Ceasar. His demise is where we will pick up in history this week.


As week 2 begins, we will be examining the rise of Augustus and the creation of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire has a long and fascinating life as new emperors take the throne. Students will have the opportunity to do some research on the emperors and share their findings with the class. We will also continue to read short stories and learn more reading strategies to strengthen our skills.


I look forward to seeing you all at Back to School Night this Wednesday, August 31st. We begin in the hall!

Welcome Back!

August 21, 2016
By Mrs. Raffetto

- Philippians 4:6


Hello 7th Grade! And welcome to a wonderful new year at Holy Cross School. I am excited to be your World History and Reading teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. When you come for your first day of school on August 22nd, you wil be staying in homerooms for the day. But please be sure to stop by my room to say "hi" and deliver your summer reading project.


The first 3 days of school will be mini days and end at noon. Thursday and Friday are regular school days. We will be going to mass on Friday for Father Joe's last school mass so please wear your formal uniforms. As I mentioned above, on Monday students will be staying in their homerooms. But on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be switching to the other core teachers so each can make their introductions and get your started in their class. On Thursday we will begin the full schedule rotations. We have several exciting new classes to add to your schedule including a separate Writing class, Health, Art, Consumer Math (budgeting, taxes, checking and saving accounts, etc.), Family and Consumer Sciences (life skills like cooking, sewing, interviewing, etc.), and a Literature to Film class. It's going to be awesome.


7th grade's first few days with me will consist of a review of narrative elements in Reading and the fall of the Roman Republic in History. Rome is such a great unit to start with because not only does it tie back to the end of 6th grade History, but it also connects to 8th grade History as the foundation of our American government. Everything intertwines!

Last Week of the 2015-16 School Year!

June 05, 2016
By Mrs. Raffetto

Amazing but true, 7th grade ... it is the last week of school! I can hardly believe it myself. While it is a short week and many of you are eager to have summer here already, there is still some learning to be done! Much of our time will be devoted to reading and discussing The Dragon of Cripple Creek as our protagonist returns to life above ground and with a big secret.

There is also some minor housekeeping to attend to such as reviewing the final exam, discussing STAR test results, and even reviewing some "things to watch" this summer in regards to the presidential election. I will be collecting iPads so please see that they are fully charged and that you bring with you the charging cord and adapter as well. We'll also chat a little more about the DC trip and some more plans I have in store for my "Class of 2017."

Please remember that we do have mass of Thursday so bring your fomal uniforms. Thank you!


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