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Ms. Ward's Math

2017-2018 Middle School Math

Week of 9/18

September 16, 2017
By Robin Ward

Hello Everyone!

6th Grade had their first chaper test on Friday. Students had two days of in-class review and a practice test to help them prepare for the test. Students will be allowed to do test corrections to increase their grade, test corrections are due Wednesday. This week we weill be working on graphs found in statistics, bar graphs, dot plots, venn diagrams, histograms and stem and leaf plots. On Friday we have a homework quiz, I select questions directly from the homework that they have completed during the week.

7th Grade this week we will be finishing up Chapter 1 with our study of compound probability. We will spend Wednesday and Thursday reviewing and will have a Chapter 1 test on Friday.

8th Grade last week we switched from Common Core Course 3 to Integrated Math 1. We will be practicing our basic math skills each day with our course warm ups. The first thing students do each day is answer 5 warmup/review questions which they hand in on  Friday. This week we will be studying functions and graphs and learn about the difference between a function and a relation as well as discussing the concept of domain and range. Students have homework monday therough thursday and on friday we have a homework quiz which takes questions directly from the weeks homework.

Week of 9/11

September 10, 2017
By Robin Ward

Hello Parents and Students!

6th Grade has been working on converting word problems to equations and working with types of numbers. This week we will begin on Monday with looking at factors, prime and composite numbers as well as reviewing odd and even numbers. Tuesday and Wednesday we will be reviewing Chapter 1. Thursday we will test on Chapter 1 and Friday we will learn about mathletics and play an interactive group math game.

7th Grade has been studyiing probability. Monday we will review changing between fractions, decimals and percents, Tuesday we will work on adding fractions so we can learn how to find compound probabilities on Thursday. Friday we will have a homework quiz-the homework quiz will be problems taken from the homework students have done during the week. We will then learn about mathletics and play an interactive math game.

8th Grade has been reviewing concepts learned last year. Last week we reviewed working with integers, the order of operations and graphing on the coordinate plane. This week we will finish reviewing so we can begin learning new material. This week we will review combining like terms and solving linear equations. Friday we will have a homework quiz-the homework quiz will be problems taken from the homework students have done during the week. We will then learn about mathletics and play an interactive math game.

If you have not been added to my remind account for homework and you want to be added please check your email for an invitation. If you did not receive one please message me at robin.ward@holycsc.org with your name and your email address and your phone number if you want to receive the messages on your phone.


Week of 9/5

September 04, 2017
By Robin Ward
We spent last week getting to know one another better and working on some basic skills.


This week:


6th Grade: We will work on comparing values, reviewing prime, composite, odd, even, natural, whole product, factors and factor pairs

homework: due Sept 6th 1-46,1-47,1-48


7th Grade: We will be spending out week working on probability and statistics

homework: due Sept 6th 1-57 to 1-62


8th Grade: We will be reviewing skills. Students will review operations with positive and negative integers, fractions and decimals. We will review plotting points on the x-y axis, creating a table of  values, and combining like terms. We will then return to our study of linear functions.

homework: due Sept 6th 4 quadrant graphing worksheet


Student will always be informed at least 2 days before a test, but pop  quizzes can be given at any time.


Math Week 2 8/28-9/1

August 27, 2017
By Robin Ward

What an exciting first week. I really enjoyed getting to know the students! Last week we took a pretest and settled in to the new school year. This week we will begin working hard on becoming math masters!

6th Grade: This week we will be working with area, perimeter, paterns and data

7th Grade: This week we will be working with data and probablility

8th Grade: This week we will be working with linear equations and graphs

Each Friday we will have a quiz on what we learned  during the week. Fridays will also be days that we review basic math concepts that students have already learned, such as fractions, decimals and percents.

I will be posting the hw to this blog each day so check back each day if you want to see the assignments

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